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At the beginning of their history, business cards were imposed by law. Chinese officials were required to have them at all times, and they were made of red paper with a name and job title printed on them. Many years after business cards came to Europe and became one of the high-society accessories. Nowadays, business cards became one of the main attributes of businessmen, CEOs, managers, directors, and others, who want to network, exchange contacts with a potential partner or customer, and leave a great impression.

The collection of various types of paper in an online calculator will help you to create a beautiful, nice-to-touch visit card. However, quality design is the key. You have three options here: upload your design, create it in an online editor based on one of the templates, or use services of our specialists. To avoid any damage or folded corners, use matte or gloss lamination.

If necessary, we can print business cards in two or three hours for additional payment. Standard printing time is three workdays.

Technical Details

Safety Line (red line)

Text and other important elements should not cross safety line

Size Before Cropping (black line)

Don't leave empty space, background must be reaching all sides of an image

Size before cropping
Safety Line

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